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Take only furniture pieces that meet your basic needs, not whatever hand-me-downs are available. For example, “campaign” furniture includes folding chairs and tables that come in styles from Swedish modern to French Empire. When you’re satisfied you’ve got just the furniture you need and no more, look at how to stash all your linens, books, electronics, toys, and other items. Storage ottomans, under-bed storage boxes, and other dual-purpose pieces provide more places to stash things in style. Storage problems may not rank up there with safety and privacy, but where to put all your stuff can be a challenge. Ambient noise such as car traffic may be unavoidable, but there should be a remedy if your neighbor insists on singing opera or playing the stereo at top volume next to your toddler’s bedroom. Try to avoid situations where the landlord or condo board won’t enforce quiet rules but the noise doesn’t affect those outside your building, persian handmade rug where police can act. Noise pollution can cause real health problems, especially when it interrupts sleep patterns, so take it seriously, whether you’re the one who loves loud late-night parties or the one who’s trying to avoid them. If your child wants a tree house to sleep in, a bunk bed customized with a trompe l’oeil rendering of leafy trees gives this childhood dream practical expression. The table behind the sofa gives a subtle separationbetween the sitting area and the rest of the room. A pair of inviting armchairs — with a round table in between — becomes a meeting site for conversation or a cup of afternoon tea. If you’re shopping for a new place, check with any prospective condo board or landlord and the local police station to make sure rules and local laws enforce quiet, especially at night. In a small space, everything shows, so make it count. Floor-length draperies make rooms seem taller, but if you have radiators or air-conditioning units set beneath windows, be sure your draperies are pulled back or are the appropriate length. More than soft furnishings, these hand-woven, tufted or stitched rugs are works of art for your floor.